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The Büchi Nirflex N500 is a Fourier Transform Near-Infrared spectrometer suited for the analysis of solids by diffuse reflectance. The spectral range is from 800 to 2500 nm (12 500 ~4000 cm-1) with an 8cm-1 resolution. The scan speed is 2 scans/second. Spectral data can be processed by the proprietary Nircal® chemometric software (PCA, SIMCA, PLS algorithms) or exported to the JCAMP-DX format for further data processing. Four adapters are available to accommodate: - 2mL vials such as HPLC autosamplers vials (6 positions) - Petri plates for bulk solids (single sample) - Tablets for direct analysis of tablets (round or oval shaped) and capsules (10 pos.) - XL vials (e.g. a 20 ml glass scintillation vial or larger), plastic bags (single sample) The illumination spot diameter is 9 mm for Petri plates and XL Vials sample holders and 8 mm for 2mL vials and Tablets holders.