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Karima Rafes

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Machines à Vérifier

  1. Lip(Sys)2/Chain HPLC 1 - Jasco LG 980-02 Corona
  2. Lip(Sys)2/Chain HPLC 2 - HP1050 DEDL31
  3. Lip(Sys)2/Chain RSLC_Ultimate_3000_Thermofisher
  4. Lip(Sys)2/Chain _HPLC_PerkinElmer_Series_200
  5. Lip(Sys)2/Chain Detecteur_DEDL31
  6. Lip(Sys)2/Chain FaradayCup
  7. Lip(Sys)2/Chain FlameIonizationDetector
  8. Lip(Sys)2/Chain Generateur_Azote
  9. Lip(Sys)2/Chain Moyen_infraRouge_Spectrum_Two
  10. Lip(Sys)2/Chain MultiProbeAdapter
  11. Lip(Sys)2/Chain Near-infrared
  12. Lip(Sys)2/Chain OtherSpectroscopy
  13. Lip(Sys)2/Chain Pompe_Agilent_Quaternaire
  14. Lip(Sys)2/Chain Pompe_RWK_KIT_V551
  15. Lip(Sys)2/Chain RamanEvolution
  16. Lip(Sys)2/Chain RamanProbe
  17. Lip(Sys)2/Chain RefractrometrySpectrometry
  18. Lip(Sys)2/Chain Spectrometre_de_Masse_1

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